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Nendaz is engaged in these activities with the view to evolve towards sustainability.

The destination is a member of « l’Eco-Guide des stations de montagne » (Echo-Guide for mountain resorts), which documents all the actions that are developed. In addition, Nendaz Tourisme, Télénendaz and the local authorities are labelled by Valais Excellence. Here are a few examples of our contribution to our well-being and those of the guests visiting Nendaz.









Soft mobility

  • 6 free shuttle buses run around the resort throughout the winter
  • Llocal authorities project to redesign the centre of the resort towards a
    pedestrian friendly solution should be finalised within the next few years.











"Don’t throw away your litter, just your bad habits"


  • 4 collection points are at the population’s (habitants and visitors) disposal in Nendaz.


  • A litter collection day is organised ever year across the ski domain. This action named «Nettoyage de printemps » (Spring cleaning) brings awareness of what our passage can leave on our otherwise immaculate ski slopes.


  • In all the brochures edited by Nendaz Tourisme, a space is always reserved for a reminder to separate our rubbish.



    • Some of our public buildings are heated with wood burning or solar energy.
    • The lift system company has adopted a policy to reduce energy consumption, such as with timers on light switches and movement detectors. 80 % of their light
      bulbs are of ‘low-consumption
      . In addition to this, all electrical machines are turned off at night.
    • The intensity of public night lighting is decreased during the night.












    • To develop awareness it is also necessary to find external collaborations. The set up of two snowshoe trails "écOtrace"in collaboration with the Swiss Snowshoe Federation is a great example. These two paths are particularly appreciated by our guests.


    • We joined our forces with the district and Télénendaz to the participation to "Ecoguide". This brochure highlights the European ski resorts active in sustainable development. The environmental aspects but also economic and social, are tackled.


    Useful link

    Summit Foundation
    Valais Excellence

    Fondation pour le développement durable   des régions de montagne



    Mountain Riders

     Fondation Good Planet





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