Via Cordata Nendaz Mont-Fort

A via cordata is a mixture of hiking, rock-climbing and mountaineering. This itinerary also comprises passages on the glacier.
One has to be roped-up for the tour. Various anchorage points facilitate the progression and help-points permit a facilitated hike in the most technical passages.
The via cordata is accessible to any person in good physical condition. It is nevertheless strongly advisable to engage the services of a guide. Without accompaniment, it is essential to have a good alpine technique, appropriate security equipment and very good orienteering skills.

Two variants

Summit of the Mont-Fort

This itinerary links Les Gentianes to the Mont-Fort. It presents the advantage of being entirely accessible by ski lifts. One gets there via the Tortin chairlift and the telepherique of Les Gentianes. Then, using the strength of your calves and your arms, by following the via cordata you will reach the summit of the telepherique of the Mont-Fort at 3,300 metres ! On arrival, the panorama is breathtaking with a view of the most famous mountains of the Alps, such as the Mont-Blanc and the Matterhorn!

Positive elevation: about 500m
Negative elevation: about 50m
Distance about 2.2km
Length of time: between 3 and 5 hours

Lac de Cleuson

This itinerary leads you to la Tête de Tortin, then over the higher part of the glacier of the Mont-Fort. It then brings you back to Siviez via the dam of Cleuson and its turquoise waters. If the departure is also made at the Gentianes, and is therefore accessible by ski lifts, the descent is then entirely on foot.

Positive elevation: about 400m
Negative elevation: about 1,200m
Distance: about 8km
Length of time: between 6 and 8 hours

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